11th Hour selected for international premiere at Tribeca Film Festival

11th Hour

New Irish / Mexican short film from Hell’s Kitchen, Universidad de Guadalajara, Canal 44 and Underground Films, 11th Hour to have international premiere at Tribeca Film Festival 21st April 2017.

Written and directed by Jim Sheridan, based on a true story by Lise Hand, and starring Salma Hayek Pinault, 11th Hour explores what unites rather than divides us, against the dramatic backdrop of 9/11.

Maria José (Salma Hayek Pinault) and her Irish husband run a bar in uptown Manhattan. On the evening of 9/11 it is heaving with shell-shocked locals and battle weary troops from the NYPD, united in disbelief, grief and anger.

On the TV screens, the sports channels have been replaced by news channels that swirl with images of the collapsing Twin Towers and the face of terror suspect Osama Bin Laden. The atmosphere in the bar is very tense, with everyone looking for someone to blame for the horrific attack on the city. One angry member of the NYPD brandishes a loaded pistol: ‘Just in case.’ Others join him. An older cop tries to calm the perilous situation when a surprise visitor enters the bar.

Maria José takes care of the young man who is clearly in shock and seizes the occasion to take back control of her bar in an unexpected and bold way, leaving everyone to reflect on how profoundly the entire landscape of America had been changed when the Towers fell.

Jim Sheridan recalled; “I read an article by a journalist called Lise Hand, and I said to her I thought it was a great idea for a story on 9/11. And 9/11 had imprinted on my mind, it was the first time everybody in New York came together, but it seemed to be that from that event the world took a very different turn. I thought of Lise’s story and I said you know that could be a timely thing but we have to do it in three months. So I wanted to make something that was showing what America was before 9/11 because I think it’s changed since then.”

Producer Rachel Lysaght commented; “We’re so proud to have the international premiere of 11th Hour at Tribeca. The festival’s strong connection to 9/11 makes this a very special, and emotional event – particularly to screen the film in front of a New York audience only a half a mile from Ground Zero.”

Salma Hayek Pinault spoke to the timely nature of the movie; “I do think that the only way that humanity can survive is if we start falling in love again with humanity for all that it is. Or else we’re going to kill it. And we have to again fall in love with life – but not just yours. Life itself, and learn to respect it.”

11th Hour is a Hell’s Kitchen production in association with Universidad de Guadalajara and Canal 44 in association with Underground Films.

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